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Q. What is EAP?

A. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store's EAP is a group of counselors who are available to help you with your problems at home or work. By providing confidential guidance, the counselors will help you find the right care from the right source at the right time.

Q. Can I call even if my concern isn't a crisis?
A. Yes. The Employee Assistance Program is a life management tool, designed to help you sort through whatever is happening in your life. Call your EAP when you need a new perspective on things. Call when you need help identifying your options and making informed choices. Program services have been provided to help you live healthy and work well.

Q. Is the program just for workplace problems?
A. No. You can use the EAP to help you deal with any number of concerns, big or small, whether or not they have a direct impact on your work environment.

Q. How Can EAP Help?
The EAP Counselors will listen to your problems and concerns. They will ask appropriate questions to help determine your needs. The counselors will then help you find resources in your area that meet your individual needs. You can call the EAP helpline toll free at 800-688-6330, or email us at eapinfo@crackerbarrel.com. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. Is EAP Confidential?
A. Yes! The Cracker Barrel EAP counselors know that it takes courage to call about a problem and ask for help. You can be sure that personal concerns are not discussed with others without your permission. If a manager suggests you call EAP because your job performance is being affected, the EAP counselor must let the manager know that you did call. It is important for you to know that the content of your problem will not be discussed with management, only that you called and agreed to follow the recommendations. Participation in the EAP will not jeopardize your job. Confidentiality statement.

Q. Who Can EAP Help?
A. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store employees and immediate family members can call the EAP for help with personal, family or job-related problems. You don't have to be enrolled in the Cracker Barrel health benefits program to use the EAP.

Q. What Will It Cost?
A. Any services provided by the Cracker Barrel EAP counselors are at no charge to you. If a referral to an outside provider is needed, the EAP counselor will recommend experienced professionals who can help you resolve your problems. The counselor will review your health benefits and other financial factors to help you find services that meet your needs. If you do not have health benefits, a provider in your area offering reduced fees will be recommended by the EAP counselor.

Q. What Happens Once I Call EAP?
A. By calling the Cracker Barrel EAP, you have access to a network of quality, licensed providers. The EAP has partnered with a healthcare company to provide this network of carefully selected mental health providers, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, hospitals, clinics and other agencies.

For employees enrolled in Cracker Barrel's health benefits program, your benefits for mental health and substance abuse are coordinated through the EAP. If you want to get the most out of your health benefits and reduce out-of-pocket expenses, you MUST contact the EAP and be referred to a network provider.

If you choose your own provider without calling the EAP or choose a non-network provider, your health benefits will change.

Q. If an employee is recommended to EAP, do they have job security?
A. No. Employees participating in the EAP will not be given preferential treatment, nor will they be subject to any special regulations by CBOCS. EAP participation will not protect an employee from discipline, including termination for violating policy. All employees will be evaluated on job performance criteria, regardless of their participation in the EAP. An EAP client may be disciplined for continued unsatisfactory job performance.

Q. Can an employee who has been recommended to EAP be terminated if they do not call?
A. No. No form of disciplinary action should be taken if the employee does not call EAP. Disciplinary action should only be taken due to performance problems. Cracker Barrel EAP referrals are never mandatory.



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